Morning glory!
I thought I knew you.
I didn’t care to look for you because you were all around me that evening, but bathed in dust.
Early next morning though,
I couldn’t miss you.
Looking at you,
I reproduced you on paper, shaped your leaves like a heart –
as well as my artistic flare let me.
I know that your purple flowers could have looked better
perhaps if drawn by someone else.
But then it was a matter between you and I alone- and 30marks as well.
And so I have come to learn to admire you
because my mind lightens at the thought of Bio practicals and because
you gave me lines to write.
Ipomea purpurea!


Fact & more

Look here Mr man or woman; whoever you are. Listen to me and really hear!
The fact that you had it bad doesn’t mean you should make life hard for me.
The fact that you had no one to listen to you doesn’t mean you should turn a deaf ear to my cry.
The fact that no one showed you the way doesn’t mean you should leave me roaming with no pointers.
The fact that they pushed you away doesn’t mean I don’t deserve your love.
The fact that you learnt it the hard way doesn’t mean I should too.
The fact that people suffer doesn’t mean it has to be that way for me.
I know that life is hard but I wish you ‘d give me the opportunity to enjoy the easy bits that come my way. Please listen to me, Please hear me!

Dear Fada Christmas,
Why do people in the movies call you Santa? Are you the same person or is Santa your brother?
Anyway, I am writing this letter to let you know that I can’t come to NTA Jos to see you because I am not in town (and even if I was I don’t have t-fare), and I haven’t bought my Christmas dress yet. Could you please bring my gift to my house, just like in the movies? We don’t have a chimney but I won’t mind if you dropped it in through the kitchen window, or maybe in the generator shed – or just leave it in the backyard, but not under the mango tree because my busy body neighbour will take it. Kindly leave it behind the big water gallon.
You should know that the road to my house is not that good, so don’t come with your sleigh. Take a bike or Keke (the Keke is cheaper and can carry more load).
If you think I havent been good this year, ask my neighbour (the other one).
I will be waiting for my present.
Thank you Fada Christmas in anticipation.
Your big fan,

I had a dream. In that dream I
dreamed of a place where I could
build castles in the air; castles that
will never crumble but soar high
in the sky, and dance to the soft
rhythm of the cool evening
breeze. A little world in which I
could look up and smile at the
white clouds making their lazy
journey in the clear blue sky. A
world where love stories come
true, where prince charming
shows up and the wicked step
mother gets her dues in full.
Where I can close my eyes and
open to behold those I cherish
and hold very dear. A world in
which peace is the very air I
breath, so that I don’t always have
to hold my breath, waiting for the
other shoe to drop, waiting to
exhale. I just want a place where I
can take a deep breath and be
assured in my heart that all is well.
I woke up, then fell asleep all over
again. I had another dream.
In that dream… my dream came


“Mtschew! Na wa ooo,” I hissed as I listened to the caller tune for the fourth time.  Kanem was supposed to meet me at the school gate, but she wasn’t there and she wasn’t answering her calls either.

To escape the scorching Jos sun, I sent her a text (meet me at Honey Tops) and walked into the squat restaurant building beside the gate.

I sat down to wait for Kanem.  Then I noticed a couple sitting opposite me. The man stood up and I thought, “Omo this guy is tall.”

He got up only for his neck to meet the rotating blades of the ceiling fan above their table. It chopped off his head leaving it hanging loosely.  His partner didn’t even look up.  My jaw dropped when the man stepped aside and screwed his head back on. I watched as he calmly walked up to the wash basin. It was then I noticed the shiny green text at the back of his shirt, 419.

“Wake up Simi, you are drooling all over your books,” Kanem my roommate was shaking me. I opened my eyes, wiped my mouth, then turned to Kanem and whispered, “”